DST Property Management Staff will assure proper storage and maintenance of your Association Official Records along with the following list of responsibilities.

  1. Filing of Annual Reports with the Secretary of State
  2. Preparation, mailing, and posting of mandatory notices for required meetings including Annual Meeting and Budget meetings
  3. Amendments to association documents and all voting documentation and recording
  4. Responding to inquiries as required by law in the proper time frame
  5. Scheduling and hosting of inspections of Official Records
  6. Interacting with DBPR and other government agencies
  7. Working with association attorneys in legal actions
  8. Issuance of Certificates of Estoppel

Preparation of Documents and mailings:

  1. Preparation and mailing/emailing of correspondence to members
  2. Preparation and mailing of voting packages  for material alteration vote,
  3. Annual meeting mailings and election of directors
  4. Mailings for Amendments to governing documents – members vote
  5. Meeting minutes
  6. Mailing or emailing of community newsletters
  7. Development and administration of parking policies

Sale and leasing:

  1. Assist prospective buyers or tenants with the application forms
  2. Receive and review applications for accuracy and that applicants meet association requirements
  3. Obtain credit and criminal background checks on prospective buyers or tenants
  4. Deliver the completed applications to the board of directors or its designated committee for review
  5. Issue Certificates of Approval or letters of denial to prospective applicants


  1. Maintenance of association insurance policies
  2. Work with Agent of record for the Association in obtaining quotes for insurance
  3. Provide information to owners for obtaining Certificates of Insurance
  4. Provide mitigation reports – should the association have them completed
  5. Notify insurance carriers of potential claims and cooperate with insurance carriers in handling claims
  6. Cooperate with insurance defense attorneys in legal cases