It is with a great deal of excitement that I am announcing the formation of DST Property Management – a new, innovative, cutting edge management service you can trust.  My name is Donna Childrey, the founder of the company and I am hoping to have the opportunity to be an asset to your community.

For sixteen years I have been a dedicated and forward-thinking leader in the property management industry.  My success has largely been due to my ability to learn things quickly, the joy I receive in working with a diverse group of people, and a personality that experiences great satisfaction in helping others and seeing the great things that happen when people work together as a collaborative team.

Key Achievements include:

  • Managed multimillion-dollar 40 year concrete restoration projects
  • Lowered delinquency rates to below 8%
  • Portfolio manager for multiple large scale residential communities
  • Upgraded antiquated software systems to modern day mobile friendly environments
  • Cultivated a learning environment where unseasoned managers blossomed
  • Introduced video conferencing and visual aids to increase membership participation

DST Property Management personal touch and communications

  • Personalized Service
  • Visual Presentations
  • Senior collaboration
  • Mobile friendly systems    
  • Video Conferencing
  • Proactive budgeting
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Hands on training

This past year in our country has fostered the opportunity to think differently regarding how organizations work together.  The virtual meeting world has been a challenge for many, but our company has used this situation to strategize around new structures and models for communication.   You will learn that DST has invested much time and energy in developing templates for highly effective virtual meetings – with the use of visuals, formats for increasing levels of participation, and providing for a smooth flow to meetings.   You can also be assured and expect DST Management to maintain a strong focus on personalized connections with our clients.  E-mails are an essential tool; however, a live voice on the phone or face to face interaction generally yields greater satisfaction and higher levels of productivity.

At DST we provide communities with the full management package: management services, community administration, and accounting/financial services.  Each package can be customized to fit your community’s needs.   Each member of the DST team plays an important role with comprehensive training that allows them to perform their job duties while supporting your needs in a professional and efficient manner.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibility of DST working with your community.  If interested, you can reach me at 954-913-2840 or Email me at

If you have any additional questions about the DST Property Management community, please Contact Us today!

With gratitude for your consideration,

Donna Childrey, LCAM
Founder, DST Management Company